Do you accept insurance?2018-09-18T15:35:37-04:00

Yes. Texas Star Recovery works with most insurance providers as well as Medicare and TRICARE®. Our admissions specialist will work with your health insurance company and go over details regarding insurance coverage.

What if I don’t have insurance?2018-09-13T15:08:49-04:00

Those who choose to pay out-of-pocket may do so. Please call for more information.

Where are you located?2018-09-13T15:10:09-04:00

Our address is 1106 West Dittmar Road in Austin, Texas.

Can I leave the facility?2018-09-13T15:10:30-04:00

Upon admission, you are asked to stay on the property unless granted permission by an appropriate staff member or discharged. However, Texas Star Recovery is a voluntary program and cannot prevent a person from leaving upon their will.

What is the average length of stay?2018-09-13T15:10:58-04:00

The typical length of stay is two to three weeks but it depends on the individual’s situation. Each case is different and constitutes a different length of stay.

What is Suboxone and do I need it?2018-09-13T15:11:34-04:00

Suboxone is used to control opiate withdrawal symptoms and is used on a case-by-case basis. If used correctly, it serves as a “soft landing” for opiate withdrawal symptoms.

What are dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders?2018-09-13T15:12:14-04:00

Both terms refer to when a person has both an alcohol or drug problem and an emotional or psychiatric disorder at the same time. Texas Star Recovery specializes in the treatment of individuals this disorder.

How often will I see a physician?2018-09-13T15:12:36-04:00

You will see a physician every day to discuss concerns specific to your situation.

What is the admission process?2018-09-14T10:19:45-04:00

Please visit our admissions page for full details.

Can I smoke?2018-09-13T15:18:25-04:00

Yes. You may smoke in designated areas. Please bring enough tobacco supplies to last the duration of your stay.

What is your success rate?2018-09-13T15:18:54-04:00

Based upon our internal data, 80% of alumni contacted three months after discharge reported they were still sober.

Is my privacy protected?2018-09-13T15:19:38-04:00

Your confidentiality is mandated by federal law and strictly upheld. In a signed release of information authorization form, you choose what information is released and with whom it is shared.

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