“In no way can I express how positive of an experience he has had there.  The fact that he was even willing to stay was significant, but he has nothing but praise for nearly every aspect of the program – the doctors, the counselors, the nurses, the techs, the teach and scheduled groups and activities themselves.  This is not an easy guy to impress and/or satisfy so that is stating a lot.”

Family Member


“They had a wonderful experience at Texas Star, thought the programming, physicians and groups were great.  They have been raving about it.”

– Referring Hospital Employee ( Family Member)


“Patient shared with me that our programs are simply the best.”

San Antonio Physician


“I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your love, caring and guidance during my recent stay at Texas Star. With all my heart I can tell you that I deeply appreciate everything you did for me… I’ve taken my new energy to all aspects of my life and believe it or not I’m already reaping rewards… “Yesterday I would not believe that tomorrow the sun would shine” could not be truer. The sun today does indeed shine bright and beautiful.

Again, my sincere thanks to you and…I hope to see you at the Alumni Night at least once a month.”

– Jeff

To all the doctors, nurses, techs who gave me the love I needed to stop hurting myself and others, I want to thank you for your amazing love and care!

– Anonymous

“I just want everyone to know that miss L is back to her old funny self – no alcohol involved!! Thank you is not enough for how you all saved my life…you are a Godsend and I wish good and happy times for all… Love you guys and keep up the amazing work…”


I sought help from Texas Star Recovery after hitting my absolute rock bottom. They gave me hope for a normal life after many years of seeing no good end to the cycle of addiction and severe withdrawal symptoms I was suffering so intensely from.

Texas Star helped me recognize ways I dealt with different feelings and problems in life and taught me better ways of looking at and dealing with them. I am far healthier and happier than I ever have been and finally have sustainable and productive ways of dealing with the anxiety, depression and stress that comes from everyday life.

The professional staff at Texas Star worked with me through the most intense stages of recovery and continue to provide support and a forum for dealing with the process of positive change in my life.

– Shawn

After almost eight years of being sober I drank again as a direct result of using opiate pain pills. What I found at Texas Star was a place that was safe to begin getting sober again. The staff and doctors I would rate a 10 on a scale of 1-10. Texas Star has helped me to give me my life back.

– Bruce

“I would like to take the time and express the gratitude I have for the entire team at Texas Star, in particular in the area of Customer Service. This is one of the Detox program in Central Texas that we refer to. It is the customer service that makes all the difference in the high paced world we live in…The staff is courteous, knowledgeable, and very attentive to both ours and our customer’s needs. They always give a personal touch to the customers they work with…the work that is done at Texas Star is top-notch.”

–Treatment Partner


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