Craig Franke, MD Medical Director for Texas Star and Vista Recovery

Addiction is a complex disease resulting in changes in the brain in ways that make quitting difficult, even for those who are highly motivated. However, addiction is treatable and can be successfully managed. Fortunately, ongoing research has resulted in treatments that can help people recover from drug & alcohol addiction and lead productive lives. Combining medication-assisted treatments, management of co-occurring medical disorders, with behavioral, cognitive, and trauma-informed therapies ensures the best chance of success. Successfully treating both biological instability as a consequence of substance and co-occurring psychiatric illness requires evidence-based practices administered in a supportive and empathetic environment.

Texas Star Recovery provides expertise and a nurturing environment as patients transition from addiction to recovery.  Our board-certified physician addictionologist work collaboratively with our trained therapists, case-managers, and 24-hour nursing staff. This ensures use of evidence-based practices with proven outcomes that are implemented by an integrated medical team.  The result is recovery that is meaningful, resilient because it based in current understanding of addiction as a disease process, often occurring in parallel with psychiatric and medical illness. Texas Star Recovery seeks to foster sustained recovery, resiliency, with improvement in the overall health and function of the individual.

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