Texas Star provides medical detoxification (commonly referred to as “detox”) to help an individual avoid potential health complications and alleviate withdrawal discomfort.

Prolonged substance abuse can result in a physical addiction prone to serious or life-threatening medical complications. The process of toxins leaving the body may also create intense discomfort and is often cited as a reason for not quitting.

The use of medications, 24-hour nursing supervision and a hospital-based setting are three key components to Texas Star’s detox program. The patient sees a physician on a daily basis and is closely monitored as a precautionary measure. The typical duration of detox is 3-5 days.


Texas Star Recovery’s opiate detoxification component is focused on medically safe, effective detoxification in a supportive environment. The medical director and attending physicians are licensed buprenorphine ( providers for opiate dependency treatment.

The use of suboxone is based on a case-by-case review. Special care is taken to minimize patient discomfort and, if used correctly, suboxone serves as a “soft landing” for those experiencing opiate withdrawal symptoms.